Shane F:

I've visited Leah for years for a diverse array of health and wellness needs, and I refuse to go elsewhere–she is the best. What I appreciate most about Leah is that she never rushes our appointments. She always takes time to listen and work with me to make sure that I am leaving our appointments feeling stronger in body and mind, and therefore confident in my recovery. Leah Wolfe balances her medical background with a holistic approach to healing, making her treatments unparalleled to what you would find in any physical therapy office or wellness space. 

Hannah M:

I had been suffering with pain for years while living in NYC. Leah saw me for a short visit because of my severe knee pain. She was able to diagnose the cause of pain very quickly, and explained in a friendly easy-to-understand way to me. I got on a flight back to NYC: by the time I had landed, she had found a Physical Therapy office near my home, had explained my diagnosis, and emailed both me and the PT to set up an appointment for massage. It was very helpful to get the ball rolling on what I thought was a terrible problem!

Mary C:

I fell down and broke my femur. After a surgery at hospital in San Francisco and returning home, I was unhappy with the Home Health services. They just passed a paper over with exercises and brought in a toilet chair. A friend told me Leah could help, so she came over and it was a game changer. She was knowledgeable and adapted exercises to me.