Is Pediatric Meditation Viable?

Is it actually possible for kids to practice meditation? Formal meditation usually looks like someone sitting very still and upright on a pillow, with their eyes closed, with palms up and index finger and thumb touching, for at least ten minutes. That’s a lot of instruction! You may have an incredibly unique child that can do this, but the reality is that most children present opposite of a formal meditation. It’s can seem daunting, but it is possible. Breathing exercises can be fun. Starting around the age of 4, kids can easily control their breath and mimic a parent’s breath pattern. 


Activity: Mirrored-Breathing

Sit across from your child and guide them to mimic your breath cycle. Yoga and meditation practices that include play and are highly effective. Imagine an inhale like a bird that is about to take flight (3 seconds) and an exhale like a hungry lion (6 seconds). If you want to try a less animated approach, tap on a firm surface for every second so your child can know what to expect for each breath cycle duration. 

Activity: Stone-Breathing

This is activity is slightly more challenging because your child self-initiates a breath guided movement. You will need one stone and two bowls. Place the bowls across from each other, left and right. Put the stone in one bowl across from each other, left and right. It’s a simple instruction done best with a demonstration. Inhale as long as you can while you lift a stone from one bowl to the other, and exhale when you drop it back into the original bowl.


Meditation is simple but profound. To most people, there is nothing more mysterious. It can seem like a very odd thing in this modern world that encompasses an array of sounds, movement, and stimuli parading around us. But we, as parents, can empower, uplift, and inspire our children through meditation. There is also something to be learned from them. Children don’t need to complicate their practice with a deep understanding of Holotropics or cardiopulmonary physiology to enjoy benefits of calm breathing.

I guide my baby through calm breathing and mindful pauses as part of his bedtime routine. We are building framework for a family that meditates together.

So, is it possible for kids to practice meditation? Absolutely! There is growing evidence to suggest that wellness practices are beneficial from the dawn of a lifespan. Click the link to read my interview with MiniMaven Magazine, which goes into more details for wellness for our tiny loved ones.