The road to health has many turns and needs a variety of mediums. As I followed my own passion for optimal health, I realized that there is not a singular "end all be all" cure, but that putting pieces together can bring true harmony. "The Wolf of Wellness" came into fruition because my passion for ancient eastern healing combined with a biomedical health model has proven to make a long-lasting health change. 

As an Occupational Therapist specializing in Sports Medicine, I use massage, modalities, stabilization, mobilization, endurance, strengthening, range of motion, and body mechanics to physically rehabilitate someone after an injury.

As a Vinyasa Yoga instructor, I use breath-guided movement to flow someone from one pose to the next to improve flexibility and muscle tone.

As a TRX trainer, I intensely push you to your limit to build strength in your core and add power to your overall body. This technique uses the weight of your own body as a resistance, which means it's a challenge!

As a meditation expert, I primarily use "Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction" to systematically guide someone to calm the mind and body to decrease stress, chronic pain, and anxiety. 



  • Educational lectures, including "The Art of Facing Chronic Pain" at CPMC Wellness Center.

  • Community Yoga classes ranging from youth to aging population.

  • Comprehensive virtual health assessments with follow-up electronic Home Exercise Program.

  • Mentoring for junior physical and occupational therapists.

  • Proficiency with heat, ice, ultrasound, TENS as preparation for treatment.

  • Massage therapy techniques to smooth the way for healing.