What is Yoga & what are the benefits?


Yoga is an ancient spiritual tradition that combines physical and mental components. Yoga has evolved through the ages based on human need and interest. Leah Wolfe studied under Banyan Gallagher to become a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. Vinyasa is a breath guided flow of movements that can resemble a moving meditation.In addition to Vinyasa, I also offer rehabilitative yoga to restore the body after a short or long term injury. Yoga has been shown to improve flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, breathing, and stress.

Why choose individualized yoga?

During an individualized yoga session, the actual needs of the client can be addressed, not just general concerns. With individual yoga sessions we can progress more quickly and safely. Think of hip flexibility significantly improving without causing a lumbar strain. A typical session begins with a check-in assessment of your body’s current conditions, then a breathing warm up, scaled fitness challenges towards a pinnacle exercise, followed by a stretching/breathing/meditation cool down.

The first session includes a standard assessment and consultation.

This initial meeting can be up to 75 minutes.
Phone consultations are free of charge.

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