maternity health


Prenatal Wellness Subscription

Customized health and wellness goals for nutrition, fitness, meditation.

  • Coaching for adjustment of life transitions.

  • Assessment of body mechanics for fitness routines.

  • Strategies for nutrition to understand “do not eat” foods and for responsible nutrition for baby.

  • Pelvic floor strengthening for labor and delivery.

  • Positive Affirmation Meditations for mom and baby (and partner).

  • Optimized sleep and rest positioning.

  • Workplace wellness for desk positioning and other prenatal accommodations.

  • Essential oil and massage techniques to help with relaxation, stretch marks, and preparing for labor.

  • Retrograde massage techniques for lower body swelling.

  • Book recommendations with realistic narrative.

  • Strategies for self-advocating during labor and delivery.



Physical rehabilitation techniques customized for new mom’s needs.

  • Strategies for normalizing hormones.

  • Lactation general information and support.

  • Customized self care techniques that are realistic and sustainable for health and wellness.

  • Strategies for normalizing hormones.

  • Check-ins several times weekly during the subscription.

  • Strengthening exercises that can be done at home with baby.

  • Baby massage and accupressure techniques.

  • Mental health wellness education and exercises for postpartum anxiety and depression.

  • 24/7 accessibility for questions and references.