Wellness subscriptions



Customized goals that are achievable for each individual based on their health values and lifestyle, check-ins several times a week during subscription.

  • Includes therapeutic strategies that client can perform on themselves with instruction for past injuries.

  • Toning and building up muscle strength in upper body or lower body to prevent further injuries, or general strength.

  • Cardio fitness for weight loss.

  • TRX training customized exercises emailed that can be done at gym.

  • Attend classes with client to assess individual body mechanics and make recommendations.

  • Customized home exercises (without equipment needed) to do daily.

  • May request video of home exercises for assessment of body mechanics and form.



Establish baseline nutrition with nutritional assessment and and customize a realistic nutritional plan.

  • Assess what type of eater you are through a questionnaire assessment. Examples are social eater, emotional eater, etc.

  • Nutritional education on current diet and strategies for weight loss, increased energy, and digestive concerns.

  • Principles of food science and/or Ayurvedic principles used through assessment tools.

  • Mindful eating principles for social dinners or when alone.

  • Affordable and sustainable strategies for foods and overall nutrition.

  • Regular check-in’s with challenges from achieving goals and appropriate modifications.



Create customized meditation and mindfulness routines that are achievable in daily life.

  • No prior experience needed.  

  • Identify stress triggers, and appropriate techniques to activate the parasympathetic nervous system during those times.

  • “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” techniques for chronic pain, illness, and stress.

  • Regular check-ins with customized positive affirmations from me.

  • Access to the “The Wolf of Wellness” meditation library.